Dumped Pit Bulls Attack Two People, Dogs

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SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio-- Police are searching for the person who witnesses said dumped two pit bulls on a quiet residential street; the dogs immediately started attacking people and other dogs.

"And they just attacked, like right away," said Emilia Vinci, adding, "I heard pandemonium, screaming, yelling, dogs yelping. It was very scary and then I ran back and then I called 911."

Witnesses said Monday at about 8:30 a.m., someone in a compact red car dumped the male and female pit bulls off Colton Road in Shaker Heights.

The dogs ran around the corner to Halworth Road where Ashley Debeljak was walking her German Shepherd, named Blair.

The male pit bull attacked Debeljak, biting into her leg.

"When they were attacking me [Blair] started to attack them to get them off and then they turned on her," Debeljak said.

Lori Cahan-Simon's husband, Gary Simon, was nearby walking their dog Baxter. Gary Simon ran to help Debeljak and was bitten in the hand.

"The one that was biting her let go when he saw my dog," Cahan-Simon said.

Several other neighbors ran to help and got the male pit bull off Baxter, who is a smaller dog.

"This whole neighborhood pulled together really, it was amazing," Cahan-Simon said.

The animal warden took the dogs away.

Now police are hoping to find the dogs' owner, or the person who dumped them.

"It's horrible. I hope those people are watching this and see what damage they have done," Cahan-Simon said.

"I don't really blame the dogs because that's all they know and that's the way they were treated so I just hope the police can find them to stop them from treating animals that was or releasing any animals into communities," Debeljak said.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Shaker Heights police at (216) 491-1270.

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