Police Look for Teen Wanted in Marina Thefts

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MENTOR, Ohio-- Police are on the hunt for a teen accused of stealing from an area marina.

They say he and another boy broke into dock boxes and boats at Mentor Lagoons Marina last Thursday.

Police were eventually able to nab the first suspect, but now, they’re trying to find the other.

“We caught one 17-year-old male that was on a trail leading out of the lagoons over towards the headlands area. He was by himself. He was on a golf cart. He was trying to maneuver it, when an officer came up on foot and was able to apprehend him,” said Lt. Tim Allen with the Mentor Police Department.

He said the boys took whatever they could find, like fishing gear and alcohol. He said they also stole three golf carts.

“As soon as I heard about it, I came down and checked my dock, golf cart, and my refrigerators to make sure nothing was missing, and I got lucky,” said boater, Doug McFarlin.

Police have tried questioning the first suspect, but he hasn’t given up much information.

“He initially lied about his identity and came up with a couple of different versions of what they were doing there, but didn’t seem like either one of those were the truth so,” said Lt. Allen.

They do have some evidence to work with. He said they found footprints and shoe prints at the scene. The crime lab is now testing both.

"If there’s anything we can compare it to as far as finger prints, we should be able to find somebody,” he said.

Anyone with any information should call the Mentor Police Department at 440- 974-5760.