Family Searching for Poodle That Got Away from Kennel

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HUDSON, Ohio-- A Kent family is looking for their beloved family dog after she disappeared from a kennel over the weekend.

"It's as if you dropped your child at daycare and went to pick them up and he wasn’t there. I mean you can't describe the words," said Andrea Habowski.

Since Saturday morning, she and her family have been busy looking for their beloved 9-year-old teacup poodle, Sophia.

Last week, the Habowski family was away on vacation at Disney World and placed Sophia at 'The Chalet,' a kennel in Hudson.

When the Habowskis returned on Saturday to pick up Sophia, she was gone.

"I went inside and I asked where she was and they said they apologized. Someone that didn’t know her had opened up the door and she took off."

"Probably terrified right now, hungry, thirsty. I've got a seven-year-old; he's very, very close with her. He can't sleep at night without her," said Andrea.

The owners of the kennel said it's the first time in 11 years that a dog has ever disappeared. They said they are doing everything they can to make sure Sophia makes it back safely.

"We feel horrible about Sophia running away. We have been looking everywhere for her and we are offering a generous reward. We hope we can find her that someone in the neighborhood can find her and we can return her to her owner," said Adrienne Reese of 'The Chalet.'

Meanwhile, Andrea Habowski and her family continued their search by putting up more fliers around Hudson and checking off neighborhoods on the map that they've already searched.

"We have been sectioning off all the areas, so there's a street that we don't miss, a piece of woods that we don't miss. Oh, it's extremely difficult. We just want her home. We just want her home," said Andrea.