Bus Stop Mix-up: Some Parents Upset After Children Hours Late

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CLEVELAND-- A bus stop mix-up caused a stressful night for some parents in Cleveland as they drove around frantically looking for their children.

It was the first day of classes at Cleveland and Villaview Community Schools Charter School located at the corner of E.12th and Superior in downtown Cleveland.

The school has been in operation for 7 years and students range in age from kindergarteners to 9th graders, according to Brian Beck, C.O.O. of Building to Achieve International, a management company that runs the school.

The children were supposed to be home at 3:45 p.m., Monday afternoon, but by 7 p.m., some parents said they still couldn’t locate their child.

“He’s supposed to be home at 3:45. What time is it now? 7:17! I’m just now reunited with my son! This is a shame. This is outrageous- outrageous,” said Champagne Spoon, whose son, Isaiah, was one of 7 children affected by the confusion.

Ms. Spoon was so upset she called Cleveland police to investigate.

Mr. Beck said the children were never in any danger.

“We actually had kids just miss their stops or forget to get off on their stops,” said Mr. Beck.

The children were then on the buses until they circled back to the building downtown.

He said they tried to contact parents, but Champagne said no one called her.

“Anything could’ve happened to my baby,” said Ms. Spoon. “This is a shame.”

Mr. Beck said they did practice bus drills, but to make sure this doesn’t happen again, they are now adding color-coded bus tags for each child and for the next two weeks, administrators will ride on the buses with the children.