Battle Over Campaign Signs Erupts on Seymour

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CLEVELAND -- Houses were not the only things being taken down on Seymour Avenue Monday.

Political signs of council candidate Janet Garcia were removed from several yards by her opponent, incumbent Councilman Brian Cummins.

Seymour Avenue is the location where Ariel Castro held three women captive for about a decade. His home was torn down a few weeks ago, and Monday two homes to the west were removed.

The Ward 14 councilman was seen by a Fox 8 News crew removing the campaign signs.

When asked about the signs, Cummins said he had permission from the homeowners to remove the signs.  He said those living on Seymour Avenue want the street to be non-political.  He says he does not have his signs on the street and doesn’t believe any political signs should be displayed in that area.

Garcia, however, strongly disagrees.  She says she has freedom of speech and also had consent from homeowners to place the signs in the yards.

She went back to the area and replaced some of the signs.