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Congressman Holds Forum for Veterans

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PARMA, OH — Veterans were able to receive answers regarding their benefits Wednesday night during a forum hosted by Representative Jim Renacci.

The congressman said he met with a number of veterans about a month ago. When he started to hear their concerns, he decided to host a forum with the VA Administration.

After a question and answer session, veterans had the opportunity to tour the various booths and meet with VA representatives one on one.

Representative Renacci said regardless of when the veterans served, they are all entitled to the same benefits.

“I think anybody who has served us and protected us needs to make sure, when they get here, they get the benefits they deserve,” said the congressman. “I just think it’s a good night for veterans here tonight. We’re looking forward to making sure that they are able to talk to somebody. That’s the key. Communication, understanding the process and hopefully moving their benefits a little quicker.”

Representative Renacci said most veterans want solutions to the delays and significant backlog.

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