Up, Up and Away: Downtown Skylift Proposed

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CLEVELAND -- Imagine traveling around to some of Cleveland's greatest attractions but you are 150 feet in the air.

That's the concept behind a new project being proposed called "the Cleveland Skylift.”

"Lots of cities have casinos and sports teams and convention centers and food districts but we have this waterfront and we just can't get to it," says Jon Stahl.

Jon Stahl is CEO of Lean Dog software studio and is the driving force behind the $200 million Cleveland SkyLift project. Stahl's proposal calls for a cable car network that would transport passengers 150 feet above the lake shoreline to the 11 stations near the city's hottest attractions.

"There is a logistics part of it to get us to too hard to reach places like east and west of the bank of the Flats, get us to Wendy Park, get us all the way to the casino,” says Stahl.

Besides looking at the views while you are on board the Cleveland SkyLift, you’ll also be able to look at video and listen to audio. Organizers are calling it “transportainment.”

"What we are excited about as a software company, we want to build this in car digital experience base on who you are you step in the car and we customize hey why are you in Cleveland and let's customize what you want to learn about Cleveland while you are here there's architecture, sports, music dining, gambling, food,” says Stahl.

Some people believe the skylift is a good idea because it would provide jobs and bring something unique to the area.

"I think it would be wonderful. I think we need more attractions in the city of Cleveland. I think it would bring more tourism to the city of Cleveland, so any added new projects that we can do that would bring people in, absolutely," says Tressa Merk of Brunswick Hills.

Currently, the Cleveland SkyLift project team is raising money through an online campaign to generate half a million dollars to support their engineering, and feasibility studies to see if their skylift project will ever get off the ground.

Organizers are hoping to complete the project using corporate sponsors and no taxpayer dollars.

If you would like more information on the Cleveland SkyLift, click here.

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