Food for Thought: Heinen’s in Downtown Cleveland?

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CLEVELAND-- There is talk that Heinen's is considering adding a grocery store in Downtown Cleveland.

"Most days I eat whatever is in the fridge," said Tyler Thornton, who works downtown on Prospect Avenue.

But Thornton is one of many people downtown excited over the idea that Heinen's Fine Food could move into the new M on the 9th location in downtown Cleveland.

"A Heinen's would be wonderful. We are so closely located so we could pop down there and get their nice salad bar that they usually have," said Kristy Hubert, who works downtown.

"It's a great idea. There's nothing else like that down here around here so it would be great to go there," added Scott Gebler, who also works downtown.

Construction has begun on the M on the 9th; that will house the new Cuyahoga County government building on East 9th and Euclid Avenue.

"It will just be nice to have somewhere to go as opposed to the convenient store or something like that," added Gebler.

According to the signs here, the M on 9th could have apartments, a hotel, as well as retail space.

Completion is slated for some time in 2014.

And while the owners of Heinen's say the idea is still very much in the beginning stages, people downtown say the idea of grocery store in the Gateway District is still very exciting.

"Locally, there aren't that many grocery options, just gas stations with expired food," said Thornton.

"I think it's something that is missing in this area. And for the local businesses, it will draw a lot of traffic. And give us an alternative to fast food!" added Hubert.

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