Drivers Deal with Closing Stretch of E. 9th St.

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CLEVELAND-- People are dealing with road work and lots of orange barrels downtown.

It won't last forever, but one stretch of E. 9th St. is completely shut down to drivers.

The work began bright and early on Monday as Cuyahoga County's Department of Public Works led the project.

The road is being repaved in the area between Euclid Ave. and Prospect Ave.

"Just crazy Cleveland traffic. No one ever wants to deal with it," said Kaitlyn Stelts, who attends CSU.

Even people who ride their bikes on a daily basis commented on the road work. "It does cause a headache because a lot of cars don't want to give the bike people the lead way," said Freddie Coley.

As of Monday afternoon, there wasn't a great deal of traffic tie-ups for drivers on E. 9th, but that could all change on Thursday, when the Cleveland Browns have a preseason game at home.

"People get upset. Yeah, they do," said Samuel Greer, who is working on the project.

"When traffic comes through here, everybody is mad, but we just got to keep doing our work, and do what we do," Greer went on.

However, for some, the construction is a process they are taking in stride.

"We want to see more of it. The more construction I think the better," said Alex Choueiri, who owns Juji's Cafe and Deli. "We're hoping for the future, it's going to be a much busier corner," he said.

And while some other downtown workers aren't as excited for the slowdowns and detours, they are dealing with the changes.

"It's tough down here to keep a business rolling, but you gotta do what you gotta do," said Ned Hammad, who works downtown.

The repaving project on E. 9th St. between Euclid Ave. and Prospect Ave. is expected to be finished on Saturday, August 17.

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