Schools to Enforce New Cell Phone Rules

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strongsvilleSTRONGSVILLE, OH — Taking pictures with cell phones to post on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram will soon be prohibited in one local school district.

Strongsville’s School Board members voted unanimously on August 1 on a new policy, which will stop students from taking pictures or videos of other students or staff during the school day, including during field trips and sporting events.

While one board member questioned how educators would be able to enforce the policy, others say it will ultimately prevent bullying or other harassment.

Some parents agree.

“I think it’s too distracting and I think a lot of things get put on Facebook, on the internet that shouldn’t be there. And school is a place to learn and I think that should be respected,” said Strongsville parent Linda Reinhart.

“I think we need to be more focused on like, classwork and studying,” said student Noele Reinhart.

Under the new policy, students will only be allowed to take a picture of a classmate or staff members if they have the person’s permission.

Students will officially learn about the new rules on the first day of school in a couple weeks.

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