More Animals Seized After Snake Strangles Boys

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Credit: Diane Fournier

CAMPBELLTON, New Brunswick — Canadian wildlife officials seized about 15 animals from the building where two brothers were apparently killed by a 100-pound python.

The New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources obtained a warrant to search the three-story reptile ocean building.

A zoo official working with state officials says only illegal exotic animals were confiscated.

“Roughly, there’s four large American alligators, there are probably a half a dozen crocodiles, and a couple of tortoises.  I think there’s two turtles, and two snakes,” said Bruce Dougan, the manager for Magnetic Hill Zoo.

The exotic animals were discovered during the investigation into the deaths of six-year-old Connor and four-year-old Noah Barthe.

Officials say the animals seized will be relocated to zoos.

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