Fans Stopped by New NFL Bag Policy

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CLEVELAND — While the Browns couldn’t be stopped in their first pre-season win, many fans were stopped by the NFL’s new bag policy.

“I knew they checked your bag before you went in. You opened up your purse, you opened up your backpack and they looked inside. I didn’t know you couldn’t bring it into the stadium,” said Frank Palmer, a fan.

No bags or purses are allowed inside FirstEnergy Stadium, but despite additional personnel and signs detailing what is and is not allowed inside, there were fans who hadn’t heard about it.

“I actually didn’t know about the policy. My brother says he knew about it, but the whole thing is fairly new to me,” said Joey Porter, a fan.

Despite any confusion, the Browns said they did not have to confiscate any bags.

They said they set up a perimeter outside the stadium warning people ahead of time to leave their bags back at their cars.

Fans can only enter with a see-through plastic bag, 12x6x12 inches, or a small clutch.

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