Credit Card Thieves Go on Shopping Spree

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MENTOR, OH - Mentor police are looking for two women accused of going on a spending spree with stolen credit cards.

"One victim had her credit card stolen from Painesville. One victim had her credit card stolen from Stow. One victim had her credit card stolen from Highland Heights," Lt. Dan Molnar with the Mentor Police Department said.

Thieves bought about $5,000 in merchandise with the stolen cards, mostly in Mentor, according to Lt. Molnar.

One suspect, caught on camera in late July, was wearing a white and blue striped shirt with a shopping bag on her arm. In one photo, she is straight-faced, in the other, she is smiling.

The other alleged suspect is also a woman. She's wearing a white blouse with a vest and has a brown purse.

"They bought everything, from gift cards to purses to you name it," Molnar said.

Mentor police said they arrested two suspects when they tried to return items that were bought with the stolen credit cards.

"Here, they weren't the females in the video, they were other females. As a result of that, we arrested a female juvenile and an adult female for receiving stolen property," Molnar said.

Ashley Robinson, 28, of Warrenville Heights was arrested trying to return a purse to Dillard’s, Molnar said.

The juvenile was trying to exchange a pair of shoes, Molnar said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Officer Danzey at (440) 974-5760.

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