Neighbors React to Confirmed Tornado Touchdown

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EAST UNION TOWNSHIP, OH -- The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado touched down Wednesday afternoon in Wayne County.

After looking at the damage Thursday morning, meteorologists confirmed that an EF-1 tornado, with wind speeds estimated to be 95 miles an hour, touched down near the town of Orrville.

Several neighbors were able to record the funnel cloud as it formed and touched the ground.

"Just saw a couple tornadoes come down across the trees over there and had one out back. Shortly after that is when we heard noise across the street," said neighbor Richard Lint.

"When they started to disappear, that's when I see stuff flying in the air. Man, I say 'what the heck?" said Lint’s grandfather, Al Wines.

Many neighbors watched as the tornado ripped the roof off of one home on McQuaid Road in East Union Township.  It also took down trees and flattered part of a cornfield.

"All we heard was the train sound coming man, and then all heck just broke loose," said Lint.

The woman who lives in the home did not want to go on camera, but through co-workers, she wanted to tell people that she appreciates the community's support and she's thankful that she was at work and her daughter was at volleyball practice when the tornado touched down.

A neighbor who lives down the street rescued two of the family's animals after the twister hit.

"There was a dog, Tucker, and he was hiding underneath the coffee table. He wouldn't come out and my daughter grabbed him and the cat. My son grabbed him and that's the only one that we could get. One was still upstairs and we couldn't get up there," said Brandy Hebb.

"Its footprint on the ground was not very wide, so this is somewhat typical of the tornadoes we get in Ohio. They tend to be small; they tend to hit fast and they don't tend to stay on the ground very long," said NWS meteorologist Gary Garnet.

The East Union Fire Chief estimated damage to the home at $80,000.

No one was hurt.

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