Bike Theft Caught on Tape, Reward Offered

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CLEVELAND -- Local business owners are looking for the man who they say stole a bike from their office.

The owners don’t want to get him in trouble. Instead, they want to reward him.

It may sound unusual, but President of John Gadd said it’s the right thing to do. He said the guy is obviously down on his luck and could use a little support.

So what does the reward include?

Gadd said if the man brings back the bike, he’d get a business start up kit, complete with business cards, flyers and post cards.

The bike theft happened in the front lobby of The whole thing was also caught on camera.

“We just couldn’t figure out how someone could come in and steal a bike from a business in broad daylight with all of these people right here and able to watch him,” said Gadd.

The video shows a man walking into the building, looking around and then casually taking off with one of the bikes.

Dan Cole, who uses the bike daily, said he couldn’t believe it. He said the area is normally pretty safe.

“He strategically picked the best bike, which is mine,” he said.

Cole hopes the reward encourages the man to come back.

If you know anything about the theft, you can contact John Gadd at