Wednesday’s Winning Powerball Numbers

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AKRON -Grab your tickets!

Wednesday's winning Powerball numbers are 5-25-30-58-59 and the Powerball is 32.

Dreams of becoming an instant multimillionaire fueled the sale of Powerball tickets on Wednesday after the jackpot for the game soared to $425 million, one of the largest in the game's history.

Sales on Wednesday were brisk at "lucky lottery" stores, including the Six Corners Deli in Akron.

"All you have to do is look at the walls and see the winners we have on the walls. We have had a $25,000 winner, $15,000 winners," said Debbie Mullinax.

Customers were buying for themselves and for lottery pools.

Most were letting the computer pick numbers for them. Others want to try to make their own luck.

"We've had people with fortune cookie numbers bring their numbers in, we play those or if they have a dream about numbers," said Mullinax.

"It's just lucky, like, I'm on my lunch break and we are playing at work, so I figure this is the best spot to come to win tonight," said Art Hammonds.

Many who were buying were also daydreaming about what they might do if they were to win. Most say they would like to help others.

"First things first is I'm going to take my family on a vacation and maybe buy a house. I have an elderly mom that I really want to do some nice things for," said Scottie Harris.

"I don't ever play the lottery, so hopefully I win, donate a lot of money to charity, help the homeless," said Eddie Hill of Akron.

Although the odds of winning are exactly the same for everyone who plays, University of Akron Mathematics Professor Dr. Timothy Norfolk says they are not that good for anyone.

"If you were to randomly think of a female in the U.S., now that person is fixed, and I were to randomly think of a female in the U.S. and we would happen to think of the same person, those are the same odds," said Norfolk.

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