August 7, 2013

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Hollywood and Dine

David sat down with the stars of the hilarious new movie, “We’re the Millers!” Jennifer Aniston shared one of her favorite recipes – Pasta Carbonara! Watch our video clip and learn how to make this super fast and easy dish!

Click here for the recipe!


Summer Dresses

There’s still a month of summer left! Danielle Mason from dressbarn was here to show us how to take our summer dresses from day to night!


Text Neck Syndrome

Out of about 6 billion people living in the world, 4 billion of them have cell phones! But all that texting, searching, emailing, and social-networking can actually take a toll on your neck! Dr. Andrew Bang from The Cleveland Clinic was here to explain how the constant overuse of your head and neck can cause pain, muscle damage, spine misalignment, and even a herniated disc.

Dr. Bang offered these tips:

  • Text mindfully.  Be conscious of your communication by bringing your smartphone to eye level and to avoid looking down at the device.
  • Go hands-free.  Use a head-set to remove the strain from your back and neck altogether!
  • Re-align your spine.  Visit a wellness chiropractor to find the root of your problem if you have existing pain or spine misalignment.


Ozone Zipline Adventures

Looking for a last minute adventure before the kids head back to school? Hop in the car and head to Warren County! They call it “Ohio’s Largest Playground” for a good reason – Natalie took us on the Ozone Zipline Adventures! Warren County is located between Dayton and Cincinnati.



Pickling isn’t just for cucumbers anymore! Mike Derr, the 2012 Downtown Akron Pickling Contest Winner, was here to show off his pickling skills. Watch our video clip and you’ll see how quick and easy pickling really is!

Check out other pickled products this Friday, August 9th, at The Market at Lock 3 in Akron!

Click here for Mike’s Pickled Green Bean recipe!


One Tank Trip

Neil Zurcher was back to continue the trip to Marietta! Click on our video clips to check out today’s One Tank Trip!


Poison Ivy

Don’t let poison ivy ruin what’s left of summer! Here with some quick and natural fixes was Dr. Jane Semple of Naturopathic Mecidine.


  • Go to your family physician for steroids – it is only temporary system control and will actually push the reaction further into your body.


  • Rhus Tox  a homeopathic – used for over 200 years and FDA approved. Place 2 or 3 tiny pills put under the tongue. This is a homeopathic dose of poison ivy that gives quick relief. Readily available at most health food or supplement stores.
  • Hista Block – Herbs and vitamins to reduce inflammation and allergic reactions. Can also be used for mosquito and bug bites.
  • Take Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids

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