Popular Catering Company Closes its Doors

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CLEVELAND-- One of the biggest and most notable names in fine dining and catering in Northeast Ohio announced on Monday that it's shutting down all operations.

For decades, Sammy’s of Cleveland has catered events at some of the swankiest and most historically significant locations from Severance Hall to the Theater District.

But Monday, the company informed employees and brides-to-be that it was shutting down all facilities including catering operations.

“Didn’t even call me, no letter, no phone call, no email, no nothing. FOX 8 is how I found out that Sammy’s is closing,” said Alecia Kestranek.

Alecia and her fiancé, Mike Martin, were both extremely disappointed to learn that they may not be able to get married at one of Sammy’s venues, despite booking the site early and paying the deposit.

"We put our deposit down guaranteed we’d have June 20th next year and when I called in this afternoon they told me they couldn’t give me any information,” said Miss. Kestranek.

Employees said, they were treated the same way, as they arrived at work Monday morning.

Elizabeth Gonzalez said, “When I get to the parking lot I’m parking and my manager calls me up and says you can turn around; turn around and go home. I said what happened? And he said bankrupt.”

Gonzalez said she and hundreds of other employees were all stunned.

They thought the company was doing well. She said, there are events booked all week at Severance Hall where she worked and recently people were being interviewed for new staffing positions.

The company’s downtown facility was locked up with a notice on the door.

The same message is posted on their website and was the only response returned to FOX 8’s requests for information.

It reads: “City Life Inc. [doing business as] Sammy's announced it has made the decision to close its facilities. We are currently in negotiations with a local caterer to transition our existing clients.”

“Everybody’s what are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? Cause no one was expecting this,” said Ms. Gonzalez.

Customers are equally concerned and uncertain on what to do next.

They hope Sammy’s will honor their deposits and ensure that they get the wedding of their dreams, but they said they are losing hope.

“It hurts; it's hurtful. This is not only a big day for her but the both of us. We had planned on having our ceremony there and were really looking forward to it and now that this happened, we’re at a loss,” said Mike Martin.

Existing customers are supposed to email the company at:

CLICK HERE for more information on Sammy's.

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