Blue Pride: Ravenna HS Reveals Colorful New Turf

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RAVENNA, Ohio-- The football season is just weeks away, but the Ravens are celebrating an early victory: the debut of a new turf.

Ravenna High School will finish installing a bright blue artificial turn on its athletic field at Ravenna Stadium Complex this week.

“It’s a very exciting moment for the Ravenna School District, said school superintendent Dennis Honkala. “The football team and the soccer teams, as well as the marching band; it’s really a school-wide initiative. They’re all excited to play on a blue turf.”

The royal Raven blue replaces a more traditional green turf field, which was installed 14 years ago. At the time, back in 1998, Ravenna’s field was one-of-a-kind for the area. Most teams played on natural grass.

Honkala said the community has come forward to support the $1.1 million initiative, which updates the sports field, track and tennis courts. Thus far, they’ve accepted sponsorships and donations worth $730,000.

The new, artificial turf is expected to last at least 10 years.

The Ravens will get to play their first game on the field on Sept. 13 against Louisville.

"We are extremely excited. September 13th is going to be our first home game,” Honkala said. “Our first two games are on the road, so September 13th we have a big celebration planned. We’re going to have a ribbon cutting at the 50 yard line with all of our business partners, and it’s just going to be a real event that’s going to bring the community together with the school community.”

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