School Offers Online P.E. Class

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By Ian Reitz

Nashville, TN (WSMV) — We’ve all heard of telecommuting and online education, but there’s even a web-based class that teaches physical fitness.

R.J. Hill, 12, wasn’t sure what to expect when he signed up for a high school level PE class that’s conducted exclusively online.

“I was just throwing my self out there. Why not? If I try it and like it I was just looking for something for off-season football training,” said R.J.

He was in sixth grade when he signed up for the class through Metro’s Virtual Academy.

“It helped me with my running. Every time I pushed myself hard and harder to beat my times. It really helped,” said R.J.

He said he read up on issues like maintaining a healthy heart, kept workout logs and repeated fitness routines he watched online.

At times, his whole family got involved.

He said his mother, Caryn, used the opportunity to teach her son about healthy eating.

When the topic of protein and carbohydrates came up, she talked with R.J. about lean cuts of meat and related it back to his interest in hunting.

Dr. Deborah Boykin with Metro Schools said the class is practical and can open a child’s eyes to issues like obesity.

“They become aware through reading material, seeing video and reading statistics that this is a problem,” said Boykin.

The online program runs year round within Nashville.

R.J. decided to take the summer session off but 15 other students are currently finishing up their online PE class.