Murder Victim’s Mother: ‘I Knew it Was My Daughter’

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EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio- The mother of the second identified victim of a suspected East Cleveland serial killer said her daughter was missing for months.

Shetisha Sheeley, 28, a mother, a daughter and a sister, was the second victim to be identified after the bodies of three women were found in plastic bags in East Cleveland.

"She was an outgoing person. She was really a loner. She was goofy. It was always about her and her little dog," her mother, Kim Sheeley, said.

Kim Sheeley said Shetisha had been missing nearly a year, since last September.

She said she made a missing persons report, but police said they have no record of it.

"I don't know what they did with the report. I kept calling and calling and calling, every month, two or three times a month, trying to find out, have you seen? have you heard anything? Nobody could tell me nothing," Kim Sheeley said.

Shetisha’s mother knew something was terribly wrong when her daughter did not show up to her brother's funeral when he was killed last December.

"She missed her daughter's birthday. She missed her sibling's birthday and that's not normal," family friend, Tanya Robinson Williams, said.

Kim Sheeley said she knew one of the victims was Shetisha when she heard the medical examiner describe the tattoos of one of the unidentified victims.

"They kept saying about the Lil' Wayne tattoo, and the tattoo that was on her leg and tattoo on her neck. I knew it was my daughter," Kim Sheeley said.

Police have not said how long ago Shetisha was killed.

"I don't have to worry about her no more. I know it's bad to say it like that, but I don't have to worry no more where is she,” Kim Shelley said through tears.

The first victim to be identified was 38-year-old Angela Deskins.

FOX 8 News knows the identity of the final victim, but it is our policy to not report the names of victims until the medical examiner gives us confirmation.

As of Tuesday night, the medical examiner will not publically confirm her identity.

Convicted sex offender Michael Madison, 35, is in jail, charged with three counts of kidnapping and three counts of murder.

He served prison time in 2002 for attempted rape.

"You should have been locked up. If you were locked up, three women would not be dead, and we don't know if there's any more that's dead," Williams said.

"Why? Why did you kill my daughter? Why did you kill any of the women?" Kim Sheeley said.

Williams said they plan to set up a fund Wednesday at a local bank where people can donate for Shetisha’s funeral.

Meanwhile, East Cleveland Police released the following statement on its Facebook page Tuesday night: "The East Cleveland Police Department would like to offer our deepest sympathies to the families of this horrific event. Telecommunication Officers, Patrol Officers, and Detectives have strived to bring the truth to light. You will continue to be in our families prayers as you go through this most difficult time."

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