Ursuline College to Establish Rebuilding Fund After Tornado

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PEPPER PIKE, Ohio – Knowing insurance won’t cover the entire cost of the damage, Ursuline College announced it will establish a rebuilding fund after an EF1 tornado hit campus early Saturday.

The strong winds caused an external wall of the O’Brien Athletic Center to collapse. A portion of the roof was also destroyed.

Flying debris also caused extensive damage to several other buildings including the Dauby Science Center and the Ralph M. Besse Library.

A number of trees were uprooted or destroyed.

The college said safety continues to be a concern and portions of the campus were closed.

Inspectors will look at the athletic center, which suffered the most damage.

If it is structurally sound, coaches will be allowed inside for a brief time to collect equipment and belongings.

Ursuline College will have a functioning athletic department and everything will go on as scheduled, despite the damage to that building.

See below for more information given in Tuesday’s press conference.

Jessica Dabrowski July 23, 201310:20 am

The O’Brien Athletic Center was built in 1973 and opened in 1974. The Dauby Science Center behind it was built in 1966.

Jessica Dabrowski July 23, 201310:18 am

Every time there’s an emergency on this campus, we say, “What have we learned?” In this case, we learned practicing emergency preparedness is key.

Jessica Dabrowski July 23, 201310:17 am

A rebuilding fund will be established because insurance will not cover everything.

Jessica Dabrowski July 23, 201310:16 am

College only lost one business day due to damage.

Jessica Dabrowski July 23, 201310:15 am

There will be an operating athletic department this year. Everything will go on as scheduled, despite damage.

Jessica Dabrowski July 23, 201310:14 am

If it’s safe there may be a short amount of time when the coaches may enter and remove items.

Jessica Dabrowski July 23, 201310:14 am

Extent of damage on O’Brien Athletic Center is unknown. A structural engineer will examine it.

Jessica Dabrowski July 23, 201310:13 am

Access to unsafe areas on campus is restricted.

Jessica Dabrowski July 23, 201310:12 am

Most significant damage was athletic center wall. Caused a lot of debris to fly around.

Jessica Dabrowski July 23, 201310:10 am

College says number one concern is safety.

Jessica Dabrowski July 23, 201310:10 am

Campus has already seen improvement in just a few days.

Jessica Dabrowski July 23, 201310:10 am

No living quarters impacted by tornado.