Graffiti Vandal’s Message: Taco Bell or Else

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(Credit: WGNO/Kenny Lopez)

By Kenny Lopez

GENTILLY, La. (WGNO) — Taco Bell or else? That’s the message a graffiti vandal is sending.

This graffiti plastered across an abandoned building in Gentilly reads: “Do I spy construction here? I hope it’s Taco Bell. If not, expect arson!”

“You have to take it seriously. I would think it’s younger kids just being fools, but whoever did it is pretty ignorant. Just pure disrespect,” Christine Regusa said.

At first glance you might chuckle at the vandal’s plea for the fast-food joint. Folks in the community feel vandalism is bad enough, but the threat of arson is definitely no laughing matter.

“For someone to commit arson on a building because it’s not a Taco Bell is just ridiculous.”

Neighbors said this isn’t the first time that graffiti’s been plastered on this building. It’s already been painted over at least three times.