Caught on Tape: Pizza Shop Robbery

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CLEVELAND-- Police are looking for two suspects in a robbery caught on tape.

James Mallory was working at Jack Spratt’s Pizza Sunday afternoon, when two young men walked into the shop and robbed him.

“I was going to get something to drink,” Mallory said. “I turn around, and by the chance I turned around and heard the door beep, somebody come in, put a gun to my head. They asked, where the money? Just keep my hands up. Don’t want to make no sudden movements.”

According to Cleveland police, the suspects forced Mallory to empty his pockets and the cash register. Moments later, a customer walked into the store and they robbed him of a cell phone.

Mallory has lived in the neighborhood his whole life. Though he has been robbed once before, he is stunned something like this could happen.

“I’m a lot more cautious,” he said. “I just got to watch over my shoulder. You know what I mean? Try to pay more close attention. You know what I mean? Just hopefully it doesn’t happen again.”

Cleveland police say the armed suspects are likely in their early 20s.

The two fled the scene on foot. They went west on Payne Avenue and then ran north at the East 43rd Street.