In Dina’s Memory: Bridge Renamed to Remember Teen

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MACEDONIA, Ohio-- Two emotional dedication ceremonies in Macedonia show families that their loved ones killed in traffic accidents are not forgotten.

The newly built bridge on Highland Road became the Dina Dlugoz Bridge Friday.

The bridge will now take traffic over the railroad tracks.

dinaThat’s where Dina, 18, lost her life 24-years ago. "She was a mile from home. All she had to do was make it across the railroad tracks safely,” Dina’s mom, Barbara Dlugoz, said.

The teenager was getting a ride home from Nordonia High School, when her friend decided to pass the gates and ignore the flashing lights after one train passed.

Another train coming from the other direction crashed into her car, killing Dina. "I was up on top of that bridge with my son. It's amazing. No will ever get killed there again. Ever. And, look at her sign,” her mom said.

For two years, a number of Dina’s classmates have been working to get the bridge named in her memory. Now, they are older with families of their own. "With our children we think how we can give a life-learning lesson to them and this is the most perfect way we could possibly think of doing it,” Dina’s friend, Michael DeBrouse, said.

Another new sign was put up just around the corner from the bridge.

Paster Court is now named in honor of a fallen Macedonia police officer who died in the line of duty.

Officer Gary Paste was going to assist another department when an emergency call of a break-in came in. "There was a man getting off work at Ford and came and he didn't see the lights and the sirens or the red light that he was stopped and went through the red light and hit my dad and my dad's car,” Tracy Paster said.

She was 13 when her father was killed 27 years ago. “The sign is here and it means something,” she added.

The families feel in addition to honoring their loved ones, the sign will serve as a reminder for drivers to drive safely.  "One wrong mistake and your life is never the same again,” Dina’s mom added.

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