Football Players Feel the Heat During Practice

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MENTOR, Ohio-- It’s been a tough week for the Cardinals. The football team has braved the grueling heat every day, and Friday was no different.

"It’s hard, and I think the other thing that runs into them is the fact that they’re air conditioned kids. Kids 25 years ago didn’t have air conditioning, so they live in a cooler climate,” said Head Coach Steve Trivisonno. “It’s a little bit more to get used to and it’s a matter of getting accustomed to it and taking care of them along the way."

He said safety is their number one priority. He’s not the only one looking out for the players; so are the trainers. They’re in charge of spotting any dehydration or heat exhaustion. Luckily, there haven’t been any major issues with either so far.

"Everybody’s looking. If someone starts getting wobbly and not feeling right, then we’ll get them inside and cooled down and try to take care of it that way,” said the Coach.

Parents don’t seem overly concerned about the heat. They said they’re confident the boys know what they need to do to stay safe.

"The coaches really do a great job in making sure the boys are hydrated because it doesn’t take long to get cramps or sun illnesses if you’re not careful,” said Bob Fritts.

His son Brandon plays wide receiver for the Cardinals.

"I know my son drinks water constantly. Although it’s hot, if they stay properly hydrated, I think they’ll be fine,” he said.

Practice is only getting started. In August, the team starts two-a-days.

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