Witnesses Testify in Antifreeze Death Trial

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CLEVELAND – A Northeast Ohio woman is on trial in Cuyahoga County for allegedly poisoning her boyfriend in 2006.

Holly McFeeture, 35, was charged with aggravated murder and contaminating substance for human consumption or use.

She was indicted last summer, six years after her boyfriend died by ingesting ethylene glycol, the key ingredient in antifreeze.

At first, the cause of Matthew Podolak’s death was undetermined but it was later ruled a homicide in 2008.

Additional analysis determined that Podolak, who was 31 when he died, had consumed antifreeze over the course of several days.

After receiving a tip from someone who claimed she bragged about the poisoning, McFeeture was arrested and charged in connection with Podolak’s death in July of 2012.

Prosecutors said she killed him by spiking his iced tea with small amounts of antifreeze because she wanted out of their long-term relationship.

“He started gaining weight, which was odd because he never sat around,” said a witness who took the stand on Wednesday. “He started having physical problems and he was the healthiest one out of all of us brothers that lived together and there was great concerns about his health.”

Defense attorneys argued there’s no proof McFeeture killed Podolak and they blame his death on suicide.

However, another witness also testified that Podolak was slowly getting sick.

“He used to come to me and talk to me about not feeling well,” said the witness. “He seemed weaker.”

Prosecutors said Podolak’s life insurance policy for $15,000 in Holly’s name was cashed in by McFeeture following his death.

The couple had two children together.

The trial resumes on Thursday.