July 17, 2013

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The 100 Diet Plan

You may have heard of the newest diet fad, “The 100 Diet Plan.” Registered Dietician, Laura Jeffers joined Natalie from the Cleveland Clinic to discuss it.

  • The 100 diet is gaining in popularity because it will make you lose weight quickly, but you likely won’t keep the weight off long term.
  • While most people do overeat carbs and sugars, to do this diet in a healthy way, people would need to really educate themselves.
  • Limiting goods with added sugars can be a good thing, but dieters shouldn’t limit foods with natural sugars, such as fruits, as strictly.
  • The diet doesn’t mention protein much, but to stay healthy, dieters should educate themselves on healthy protein consumption.


How does it work? You limit the amount of excess (not naturally found in food) sugars. According to this diet plan, you should eat no more than 100 sugar calories per day.

Use this equation:  Total Carbohydrate Grams x 4 = Sugar Calories



One Tank Trip

One of Ohio’s greatest natural mysteries is back in business! Neil Zurcher took us on a One Tank Trip to The Blue Hole in Castalia, Ohio! He also made a pit stop at Berardi’s Family Kitchen in Sandusky – check out our video clip!




Massage Envy

Facials are one of the best ways to reduce the visible signs of aging. Natalie visited Massage Envy for a lesson in skin care!

There are seven convenient locations in Northeast Ohio, for the one closest to you, log on to www.massageevny.com.


Cleveland Whiskey

A new invention right here in Cleveland is getting a lot of attention. A local man has created a pretty unorthodox way of making bourbon – David took us inside Cleveland Whiskey to learn more. Check out our video clip!



Toys for the Weather

It’s a crazy Cleveland summer – we’ve gone from rainy days to a heat wave! So how can you keep the kids entertained no matter what is going on outside? Here with toys for the sun, rain, and wind was Michelle Sahr from My Little Red Wagon.



The Lion King: Puppets

It’s finally here! The Lion King is on stage at Playhouse Square. Natalie had the chance to catch up with the person in charge of all the puppets! Take a look at our video clip.

The Lion King is on stage at Playhouse Square in the State Theatre until August 4th. Tickets start at just $20!




It’s easy for parents to worry when their teens get behind the wheel. Here with some statistics we should all know, and tips for teen driving, was Brian Newbacher from AAA.



Ichiban Salon and Day Spa

Summer trends aren’t just for clothes and hair styles – a local salon is taking nails to the next level! Head to Ichiban Salon and Day Spa on Center Ridge Road in Westlake!