Danger Signs Don’t Stop Swimmers at Local Beach

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CLEVELAND-- Danger signs did not stop people from swimming at Perkins Beach in Cleveland Wednesday.

This comes one day after Gregory Adams, 15, presumably drowned while floating in the water with a friend.

Perkins Beach is a public access beach with no lifeguards.

It's maintained by the Cleveland Metroparks and there are "No Swimming" signs posted, warning people of the dangerous and hazardous conditions.

At a closer look, the beach hosts several weathered piers.

Those piers are filled with chunks of cement, pieces of metal and wire, and posts that sticks out from the water.

"On top of the debris and stuff like that, there's metal and stuff. People could get splinters," said Gregory Johnson, of Cleveland.

The Metroparks took over June 1 and encourage people to swim at nearby Edgewater Park, where there are lifeguards.

"There's metal spikes and stuff. It should be up under the cement, but it sticks out," added Kristy Macum, of Cleveland.

Metroparks says at this point, there are no plans to remove the debris because it is part of the natural shoreline process.

They are also concerned that by cleaning it up, it would encourage people to swim at the beach.

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