Accident on Tape: Bicyclist Hit on Morning Ride

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CLEVELAND– A morning ride went from pleasant to painful for one bicyclist on Tuesday.

She was hit by a cab driver while passing over the Detroit Superior Bridge downtown.

"I think he was really impatient, and didn't think about the bikers in front of him," said Davey Connor.

He captured the accident on the GoPro camera he had attached to his helmet.

He said he was riding near the woman when the cab driver sped around her, clipping her with his side mirror.

The woman then lost her balance and slammed into the back of the car after the driver came to a stop.

"I'm a trained EMT, so I was able to get off my bike and make sure she wasn't seriously injured," said Connor. "Luckily, the driver stayed and was compliant instead of speeding off which happens too often."

The victim's name is not being released at this time, nor is the driver's.

Connor said people need to learn to share the roads with bicyclists. He urges everyone to be more cautious.

"I personally have been ran off the road twice, and my wife got hit and had to get reconstructive hip surgery a couple of years ago. So, we do have a personal history of dealing with the huge size difference between bikes and cars," he said.