Man Injured in Fireworks Explosion Warns Others

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AKRON-- Life is drastically different for 34-year-old Kevin Skubic of Akron.

"I feel like a little baby. I was taking care my kids and now they are taking care of me," said Skubic.

That's because Skubic's left forearm and hand is gone.

Doctors hope to save his right arm.

"I'd rather have pain because then I know I'm alive. But my eyes, my ears, I can't hear. I pretty much play it day by day," said Skubic.

And every day he spends in the burn unit at Akron Children's Hospital, Skubic thinks about July 1.

That's when he was carrying a box of homemade fireworks outside a home on Grand Avenue when the fireworks suddenly exploded.

"I heard the explosion. My eye sealed shut. My ears are still ringing. I can't hear right now. I was blown up. And I saw my arm half off. I didn't feel much pain," said Skubic.

The man who sold him the fireworks, 65-year-old Wayne Jones of Akron, was arrested and charged with manufacturing explosives.

Skubic said he used to buy them every year. "I always liked to play with fireworks. It just happened to be a super bad day. Fire is very scary, but explosives are way more. The Fourth of July is supposed to be celebrating. Don't play with anything. Just play with your loved ones. That's the best time you can have," added Skubic.

Jones is out on bond. He will appear in court on July 19.

Skubic, a father of two little girls, has many more surgeries to go.

Friends and family have set up a fund for his recovery in his name at all FirstMerit bank branches.