Fox 8 Recipe Box: Jalapeno Peach Poppers

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Stefanie Paganini from the Paganini School of Cooking in Chesterland shares a great recipe that puts fresh and juicy peaches to work.

Stefanie Paganini's Jalapeno Peach Poppers

Serves 8-10

10 Jalapenos seeds and stems removed
4 oz.  Cream Cheese
3 oz. really ripe peaches, peeled (or from can)
1 Tablespoon Honey
10 Strips Bacon
10-20 Toothpicks soaked in water

In a food processor, blend together the peaches, honey and cream cheese.  Fill cavity of jalapenos with cream cheese filling then wrap each jalapeno with bacon.  Make sure to tightly wrap each jalapeno so the cream cheese won’t melt out while it is grilling.  Secure bacon into place with wet toothpicks.

Place bacon wrapped jalapenos on the grill and grill until bacon is crispy.  Serve warm.

Stefanie will be teaching a "Peachy Keen" cooking class on Tuesday August 6th from 6-8pm at Fishers's North Canton. Click here to learn more about all of the classes Stefanie teaches at the Paganini School of Cooking.