Coast Guard Searching Water for Missing Boy

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Crews Search Lake Erie Saturday


SAYBROOK TOWNSHIP, Ohio — As of early Saturday morning, the Coast Guard was still actively searching Saybrook on the Lake after a 13-year-old boy went under the water Friday night.

Authorities received the call about 9 p.m. Friday. The teen had been swimming in the water near some other boys, one of whom was also pulled out by rough waters; waves were 3 to 4 feet high at the time.

“I was just swimming, and the tide took me with this other kid. Then I was about 50 feet away from the barge, and 50 yards away from the shore,” said Cameron Leavitt,14.

search 2

“Well, they were floating away. They were screaming ‘help’ and I went to [Cameron] and told him to keep his head above water and try to float on his back until we get to shore. I did my best to help them. I got [Cameron] to the shore. I tried to go back to save the other boy but I was just too exhausted,” said Daniel Mason,14.

Leavitt and Mason said they did not know the victim.

The Coast Guard, along with dive teams, small boats and a helicopter, searched the water for hours. The search was scaled back after 11 p.m. But Coast Guard officials said they would search throughout the night with boats and aircraft.

In a statement released early Saturday, Coast Guard officials said they are “still actively searching in the hope of recovering a live victim.”