Truck Driver Facing Animal Cruelty Charge

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MANSFIELD -  A Mansfield tow truck driver accused of dropping kittens out the window of his truck as he was driving down a busy highway is facing a cruelty to animal charge.

“I just thought this is so cruel to do that to a little tiny kitten,” said Darlene Harris, who witnessed the incident.

Harris said on Tuesday afternoon, she was driving behind a tow truck driver on Ashland Road in Mansfield and saw kittens being dropped from the window of the vehicle. She and her husband, Anthony, contacted police.

“He had his arm on the arm rest and a kitten drops four or five feet from the driver’s side window,” Anthony Harris said.

One of the kittens died and two others can’t be located.

We caught up with William Vollmer, the tow truck driver, who is now facing a charge of animal cruelty. He said he’s innocent.

“I am aggravated because I didn’t do nothing wrong,” Vollmer said.

Vollmer said there are many strays around the lot where he works. He said they feed them and take care of them and he would never intentionally hurt an animal. He believes the kittens climbed under the hood to get warm.

“They got inside the wrecker when I drove down the road, they just jumped out and there is nothing you can do,” Vollmer said.

He also said he couldn’t toss the kittens out the window because the driver’s side window on the truck doesn’t work. He opened the driver’s side door and pushed on the handle and said,  “the window don’t go down.”

FOX 8 tried the window and it went down easily. Vollmer then tried to say the window was off track. When the window was going back up, he put his hand on top of the window and called for a co-worker.

Vollmer goes to court at the end of the month.  If convicted, he could face up to six months in jail.

Darlene Harris said she is still bothered by the whole event.

“It hurt me, it hurt me to see that, to see that someone could be so insensitive to anyone or anything,” Darlene Harris said.