Barberton Residents Look for Help in Flooding Cleanup

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BARBERTON, Ohio-- They’re pumping water from their homes, and piling up mounds of damaged belongings curbside in Barberton.

Thousands of residents have been trying their best to assess the damage caused by the persistent flooding from Wednesday's storms.

“It’s been very overwhelming and devastating,” said Jeanette Federico, who lives on the West side of town with her husband Federico and their two children.

Her basement is a total loss, including her son’s bedroom and all of their Christmas decorations.

But still she feels fortunate. She said so many other people lost much more than they did.

“We were lucky. It only came up about 3 feet. When I say lucky, we still lost everything, too, but at least our kids are safe and we’re fine and we’ll just rebuild slowly,” said Jeanette.

Many of the other water-logged and weary residents were cleaning up their properties Friday, but some were still struggling on streets still submerged.

And they were looking to the city for help.

“I’d like for them to help at least clean up. I mean, I appreciate anything and everything,” said Brenda Collins.

Collins lives on 14th Street, which was one of the mayor's stops Friday night.

Barberton Mayor William Judge and a team of city employees and volunteers have been passing out information on the city’s Emergency Flood Program.

He says people need to call the hotline at 330-861-7279 to get assistance.

“We’re encouraging residents to call so we can approach their problem the best way possible,” said Mayor Judge.

Some city workers will be on duty over the weekend and volunteers will be canvassing the affected neighborhoods.

The mayor has arranged for food trucks to go to the affected areas with food over the weekend. It is in conjunction with the Chapel Church who is donating the food.

Local restaurants have also donated meals to over a dozen evacuated residents, who are staying at the Barberton YMCA. 

They are grateful but say they really miss home. It’s a sentiment shared by many flood victims.
“It’s very uncomfortable. We’re homeless now because of a flood,” said Julie Knotts.