Agents Offer Flood Insurance Advice

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BARBERTON, OH -- Wednesday's storm took a major toll on Barberton, flooding and destroying countless homes and businesses.

People there are now trying to pick up the pieces, but doing that might be tough for those with flooded basements.

"A flood insurance policy is not going to cover anything that's in the basement. Flood insurance starts from the first floor going up," said Bruce Strachan with Strachan Casale, Inc.

He said basement coverage is pretty limited. Homeowners insurance won't do much in the way of basement flooding either. It can only cover backed-up sewers.

So what do you do if your basement floods?

The first thing is check your coverage for both flood and homeowners insurance.

Next, take all the damaged property outside. Then create a list of everything you have.

"Don’t make an assumption that they’ll take care of it. Because unless you have a proof of loss, and that’s going to be written or photo evidence, or both rather, it’s very difficult to get compensation,” said Strachan.

He said the best thing you can do is be proactive. That way, there aren’t any surprises later.

"Talk to your insurance agent. Find out the best way to get the coverage you need for that loss. Don’t necessarily look at the price, look at the coverage first.”

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