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Woman’s Dying Wish for Her Dog Coming True

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PAINESVILLE, Ohio-- A Painesville woman's dying wish for her dog is coming true.

"The wish was so simple.  We could achieve it with something very simple for us to do," said Greg Loney, store manager of the Home Depot in Mentor.  

Instead of angel wings, there is an apron and tape measure.
"I was ecstatic. I really didn't know that a big store like that would step up the way Home Depot has," said Denny Kochever, husband.

Monday afternoon, crews from the Home Depot in Mentor came to grant Carol Kochever's, 55, final wish.

Carol is in stage 4 of breast, brain, and lung cancer.

Doctors can do little.

"My final wish?  Is so that my dog can run," said Carol.

"We're looking to enclose the backyard so the dog can run freely without the assistance of the dog run chain," said Rob Sukenik, project manager.

"We're about 135 linear feet of chain link fence for Sophey so that she can get out and run just like Carol's wish," added Loney.

"I told her.  She goes, 'I  gotta see this!' She will," added Denny.
The parts and labor are donated by the Home Depot.
"Our associates will all volunteer hours and time to make the project happen and make Carol's wish come true," added Loney.

In fact, it doesn't stop there.
"We're putting gates in so they can have accessibility to the backyard to get things in and out.  The mower, so it make things easier for them to maintain the yard," added Sukenik.

Crews hope to begin installing the fence Friday.

"I just hope that she's around to see this.  Which will maybe lighten her and give her a couple more weeks with me,"said Denny.

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