ODOT Plans Testing After Signs Fall

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 CLEVELAND-- A couple of highway signs came crashing down during a bad storm last month, and it looks like that’s not the first time it’s happened.

A similar situation took place back in April; a sign fell near the exit ramp of OH-237 off I-71 South.

ODOT said strong winds were to blame for both accidents. A rep with them assures drivers these are isolated incidents.

That’s not doing much to comfort some drivers, like Linda Howze. She said it’s hard not to be paranoid. “I take the freeway every day. I don’t want something to come collapsing down on my car or anyone for that matter,” she said.

ODOT inspects signs on bridges every year; while it inspects all other highway signs every five years.

The state agency is planning to test the clips that held up the signs, in hopes of figuring out what went wrong.

As for Howze, she thinks they need to find a way to make the signs more secure. “They need to have some type of materials that allow the storms to come through without touching any of that stuff,” she said.

New signs were recently installed where the other ones fell on Valley View Bridge.

ODOT said no other comments will be issued until the investigation comes to an end.