Man Arrested, Claims Home Was Booby-Trapped

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CLEVELAND--  Dozens of families on Cleveland's near west side are told to get out of their homes - and fast after one of their neighbors claimed to have booby-trapped his house with explosives, fire officials said.

"We were on the porch and then the police said 'You need to leave. We think the house over here is loaded with bombs,'" resident Bev Bush said.

Cleveland fire officials said a convicted arsonist lives at the home in the 2100-block of W. 104th Street.

Officials said the man was arrested Monday, and told authorities he had guns in the home, and the house was booby-trapped if anyone tried to get inside.

"He mentioned that his house was possibly booby-trapped, and that they would not be able to get in without him using some type of remote control device,” Larry Gray, spokesman for the Cleveland Fire Department, said.

The bomb squad descended on the street.

"And I'm kind of freaking out, you know," neighbor Bo Washington said.

Nervous residents were evacuated.

Some walked to the end of the barricade and sat on the curb, watching.

"Take the dog, put him in the car and grab my meds and go to my brother's. Luckily, he lives close by," Bush said.

No one was allowed in the several block radius.

"I'm thinking wow, what's going on my street? It's across the street from my house," Washington said.

Fire officials said the bomb squad went into the home, searched it and said nothing was found inside.

There was no booby-trap, no explosives.

It was all-clear by 5 p.m.

People were breathing a huge sigh of relief to be able to get back into their neighborhood, and their homes.

"You never take a threat lightly, and in a situation like this with past history, you definitely want to side on the side of caution," Gray said.

"I still got a house. I didn't know what was going to happen," Bush said.