Escape Details: Mansfield Inmate Hid, Used Ladders

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MANSFIELD, Ohio– An inmate who escaped the Mansfield Correctional Institution last week, did so after hiding in the maintenance area and gaining access to three ladders.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the inmate, James Myers, 47,  worked as a carpenter in the prison.

On July 3, he worked until 8:20 p.m. and then hid in the area. When he was inside that area. he was able to get the ladders.

“He then used the ladders to get out of a fenced area attached to the maintenance building,” said Lt. Anne Ralston, Ohio State Highway Patrol spokesperson. “From that fenced area, he went to the two outer perimeter fences and used the ladders to scale both fences and escape the facility.”

Prison officials discovered Myers was missing around 9 p.m. on July 3rd. The state patrol was notified of the escape at 9:54, according to Ralston.

The maintenance area where it is believed Myers escaped is located on the southwest side of the prison. 

Officials said there were perimeter  cars patrolling and the fence alarm did go off.  Prison officials responded to the fence alarm and found the ladders.

“The Patrol continues to conduct a complete and thorough investigation to determine exactly what happened and how,” Ralston said.  “Once the investigation is complete, the Patrol will present the case to the Richland County prosecutor for charges.”

Myers was captured July 4 when he went to a store in Ashland.  A customer tackled him while store employees called police.

Myers has been transferred to another facility.

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