Local Flight Instructor Weighs In on SFO Crash

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By Fox 8 Reporter Allison Brown

CLEVELAND -- It is still too early to know what exactly caused Asiana Airlines flight 214 to go down, but one local flight instructor believes you can't rule anything out.

Anthony Hurst is a pilot and has been working for more than 50 years. He is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor, who works primarily out of Burke Lakefront Airport.

Hurst believes the San Francisco accident will be analyzed for a very long time.

"The astounding thing is that people got out alive," Hurst said.  "My prayers went with the passengers and the crews."

Hurst told Fox 8 he has seen the video of the crash, and gave his perspective on the final moments before touchdown.

"I was shocked, because the airplane was extremely low," he said.  "It seemed like it was unstable as the wings were rolling from left to right."

What Hurst also noticed was that it looked as if the aircraft was coming in for a landing way too slow.

"According to the NTSB, the speed should have been 137 knots and was considerably
lower," Hurst said.

The pilot said landing is such a critical phase in the flying process. He believes there will be some answers for the public very soon as to what happened on Saturday morning.

"The big thing is they recovered the flight data recorder and that records everything, pitch changes, velocities increased, throttle changes. So they'll know really accurately as to what happened," Hurst said.

Until the facts are out, Hurst believes people shouldn't make assumptions as to what happened on that flight.

"When we start to speculate, we may hurt people who are very innocent and
that includes crew members and manufacturers," Hurst said.

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