Lakewood’s July 4th Rules Called ‘Buzz Kill’

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio-- In recent days, dozens of signs have popped up in and around Lakewood City Park on Lake Rd.

They list a number of new and old rules and regulations for the July 4th holiday celebration.

The signs are hard to miss and apparently caught the attention of someone close to the Comedy Central TV show or a fan of Tosh.O.

A blog posted Sunday night shows the signs at the park and list of new rules which include but are not limited to: no propane grills, no tents, no dogs, no sparklers and alcoholic beverages.

There was also the tagline, “Just stand in one spot and enjoy your freedoms.”

Thousands of people “shared” the blog post on Facebook and Twitter and hundreds more commented on the photograph and rules.

One wrote, “So they want the park empty on the 4th?”

Another person commented, “Independence day? Independent of freedom maybe!”

They even dubbed the city park “Park Buzz Kill.”

Lakewood Mayor Mike Summers said he understand the irony of having all of the signs and rules for the 4th of July but with the 10-15 thousand people expected at the park to celebrate the holiday, it's absolutely necessary to keep people safe.

“Certainly with all the events that have happened in the United States, we are obligated to think a little differently and take our game up and this is a reflection of that,” said Mayor Summers.

From mass shooting sprees to the Boston Marathon bombings, the mayor said they have to be proactive to prevent tragedies.

That’s why video surveillance cameras are also installed at the park and random searches will be conducted.

“All in the spirit of protecting our citizens this time and place,” said Mayor Summers.

And at least one blogger on the Tosh.O site agrees saying, “I am from Boston and would rather have my bag be randomly searched than be blown up.”

Tosh has not commented on the blog or posts and did not respond to FOX 8’s tweets about the subject; but the mayor is actually very grateful for all of the attention.

“Thank you Tosh.O,” said Mayor Summers, “One of our concerns was if we develop rules to protect our citizens, how will they know? Perhaps this is the way.”

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