Fake Drug Checkpoint Causes Controversy

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By FOX 8's Brittany Harris

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio-- Some people aren’t too happy with the police department’s decision to set up a fake drug checkpoint last week.

Police posted signs along Interstate 271 warning drivers of a supposed checkpoint ahead. There really wasn’t one. The point was to see how people would react, and some didn’t react too well.

A few of them turned around illegally, and were later arrested and charged with drugs.

"I have no problem with it. If it stops someone from being high driving, killing a loved one of mine, I'm all for it. Go for it,” said Carry Hoyle.

Critics believe their rights may have been violated and also argue the checkpoint was a waste of time and money.

"There are other ways to go about it besides having fake checkpoints and having people pull over; and then you have a fake reason to get into their vehicle,” said Anthony Bonarrigo.

The ACLU is also looking into the matter to make sure everything was completely legal.

The city defends its decision and released this statement to FOX 8 News:

"The City of Mayfield Heights has always conducted its affairs with the rights and safety of its residents (as well as all citizens) being paramount.  It is in keeping with that goal that the City of Mayfield Heights and its Police Department have decided to utilize the well established, and lawful, practice of "rouse" checkpoints in order to: (1) protect our residents; and (2) assist our neighboring communities in ridding I-271 of the drugs that are constantly being transported on/through it. The City of Mayfield Heights has not, and will not, violate the law or any individual’s civil rights in this, or any other, effort."

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