7-year-old Crawls Through Fire to Save Family

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ELYRIA, Ohio-- An Elyria family is counting their blessings after their 7-year-old son saved them from a fire that destroyed their home.

The young boy's parents say he crawled through fire and smoke to warn them that they were in danger.

child"I crawled under the fire; I had to cover my mouth like this to keep them from breathing in the smoke," said Dicoda Taylor, who warned his parents.

The brave child is being called a hero.

Around 3 a.m. Monday morning the young boy smelled smoke coming from the kitchen of his family's trailer home on Pennsylvania Avenue in Elyria.

The boy then used the fire safety training he learned in school to warn his parents of the danger.

"He was in the living room and the fire happened in the kitchen. He crawled on his belly underneath the fire through the smoke and that and came into our bedroom and woke us up, so I could get him and the kids out of the house. If he wouldn't have done that, we all would have choked out from the smoke because by the time I woke up, I was already starting to choke on it. He was my hero for the day," said Danny Taylor, the boy's father.

The family of 5 made it out safely through a back window; then, they were taken to the emergency room to be checked for smoke inhalation.

"Really amazes me that if he had not done what he done, I would not have any of my grandchildren right now and I wouldn't have my son," said Dara Taylor, Dicoda's mother.

The Taylors returned from the hospital Monday afternoon to see what they could salvage from the fire.

Besides losing their home, the Taylors also lost two four-legged loved ones.

"One of the saddest parts of the whole ordeal, I mean yes, lovely I have my children; but we did lose two family pets in the issue; we lost 9-month-old Rott/Lab mix and we lost our cat of six years from smoke inhalation," said Danny Taylor.

Since the home was completely destroyed by the fire, the Taylor family said they'll be staying with relatives until they can find a permanent place to stay.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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