Sentencing Delayed for Accused Dog Shooter

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Raymone Clements (Photo from Cleveland Heights PD)

CLEVELAND — The man accused of shooting a dog that was tied to a tree was scheduled to be sentenced on gun charges Thursday, but the proceedings were delayed.

In April, Raymone “Ramone” Clements, 42, was found guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Clements’ prior convictions include rape, drug trafficking and robbery.

He allegedly shot the mastiff now known as Forrest in a Cleveland Heights park last November. He is not facing any charges in connections with the shooting of Forrest.

Clements told Judge Donald Nugent that he did not get to review the pre-sentencing report and he would like to before he is sentenced.

The judge continued the sentencing until July 8 to give Clements time to review the report.

Clements’ attorney and girlfriend said he did not hurt the dog. They said he is an animal lover and owns other dogs.

Amy Beichler, executive director of the Public Animal Welfare Society, said she is hoping in the future that animal cruelty will be a felony. Right now, it is a misdemeanor charge.

Though left for dead, Forrest survived and has become an icon for those fighting to protect animals.

He was adopted into a loving home.

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