Police Search for Suspects in Bus Driver Attack

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CLEVELAND -- An RTA bus driver was attacked and sent to the hospital, meanwhile, the driver’s union claims this has become a growing problem for its members.

"I'm at the Windermere, there's a bus driver that just got knocked out, somebody needs to come get him," said a witness after seeing the driver being attacked in the parking lot at the Louis Stokes/Windermere Rapid Station in East Cleveland 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

"He had just got off of work and he was going through the Windermere and he had spotted some juveniles smoking on the property and went and advised them. As he advised him, they attacked him, so he hit his head on the sidewalk, got hit in the lip and his head is swollen," said union president William H. Nix, Sr.

The driver is identified as Glenn Wilson, 54, who has been employed with RTA since 2006.

Signs at the Windermere station clearly state that smoking is not allowed inside the station or outside in the parking lot.

According to an RTA police report, Wilson was lying on the ground in the bus loop. He had been punched in the face, fell backwards and hit his head on the concrete. The report also states that Wilson was dazed and unable to tell officers what happened.

"He didn't do it in a nasty way, he was just trying to talk to them. But see, these young juveniles didn't have any respect for him," Nix said.

RTA spokeswoman Mary Shaffer said investigators plan to review surveillance video of the incident.

She released a statement saying, "we wish our employee a speedy recovery from this incident. Police are trying to locate the perpetrator and we will hope to find him and punish him to the fullest extent of the law."

Wilson was released from University Hospitals Thursday evening.

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