June 27, 2013

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We welcomed funny man, Tom Briscoe, to the studio this morning! Check out our video clip.

Go see Tom at Hilarities this weekend, June 30th.



Hair Accessories for Adults

Ladies, it’s your favorite hair pieces all grown-up! Renee Lanzara from Great Lakes Mall brought a stylist with her and showed us how easy summer hair accessories can be! To create your own style, check out our video clip!



Ohio Chautauqua

Here’s your chance to come face to face with history! From Johnny Appleseed to Chief John Logan, it’s all part of this year’s Ohio Chautauqua celebration!

Ohio Chautauqua 2013 is happening this weekend at Lakewood ark. Again, the theme is “When Ohio was the Western Frontier.”

Learn more by visiting www.ohiohumanities.org


ACL Injuries

ACL Injuries are more common than you may realize. We welcomed Dr. Lutul from The Cleveland Clinic to learn more.

1.  What is the ACL and why is it important?
–  Anterior cruciate ligament anatomy:  connects femur to tibia
–  Major stabilizer of the knee
–  Essential for start-stop/change of direction activities

2.Epidemiology – ACL injuries are very common
–  Over 250K ACL injuries each year in US
–  70% are non-contact injuries
–  30% are contact injuries

3.  Treatment
–  Treatment generally involves surgery
–  Long recovery process
–  Excellent results in upwards of 90% of people
–  But PREVENTION of injury is key.

4.  ACL prevention
–  Shoe-surface interface
*  Less friction, the better
*  Appropriate shoe wear
*  Field turf has decreased injury in football
–  Bracing
*  Not protective for ACL
*  Have been shown to be protective for MCL (medial collateral ligament) injuries
–  Prevention strategies
*  Avoiding vulnerable positions
*  Increasing flexibility
*  Increasing strength




Moss at the Movies

Over the weekend David was in D.C. hanging out with the stars of “White House Down!” It’s a brand new thriller, starring Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum.

Check it out: www.whitehousedown.com

White House down is rated PG-13 and opens in theaters tomorrow, June 28th!


Top Tips for Traveling

Ricky Smith, Airport Director of The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, joined us with some exciting news for future travelers! You no longer need to search for an open parking spot before catching a flight – instead, you’ll be guided to open spaces by a newly installed vehicle sensor system!


The Taverne of Richfield

The Taverne of Richfield is our Real Deal of the Week! That means, starting at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning, you can purchase a half price gift certificate on our website: http://www.fox8.com



Oral Hygiene

Regular brush? Spin brush? Water pick? Dental floss? Keeping your teeth in shape can be confusing – Jimmy sat down with Dr. Mabelle Khoury from Hudec Dental for some tips to keeping healthy in between trips to the dentist.



The Lion King: Wardrobe

Disney’s The Lion King is returning to Playhouse Square this summer! To get you excited about the upcoming musical, Natalie traveled to Nashville where they are currently performing to catch up with the cast and crew – including a behind the scenes look at the complete wardrobe set! Check out our video clip!

The Lion King will be at the State Theatre July 9 through August 4, 2013.