Fire Crews Save Dog During Flood

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ASHTABULA COUNTY — Residents in Ashtabula County spent Thursday evening cleaning up after severe storms caused heavy flooding in many neighborhoods.

High water resulted in road closures around the area.

*** Photo gallery of flooding pictures in Northeast Ohio ***

Dorsett resident Jeff Jwell said this was the worst flooding he has ever seen. He wasn’t home when the water came over a nearby bank, flooding his yard. He credits the fire department for saving his dog from drowning.

“It started raining really hard and the creek came up over the bank and things started floating away. The fire department was here before I got here and saved my dog. He was going to drown, the water was over the top of the doghouse and stuff, and I really appreciate that,” said Jwell.

Jwell’s basement was completely flooded. In his workshop, the water was about waist high.