US Bank Robbed at Gunpoint

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HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, OH -- The FBI has released some dramatic pictures, hoping that someone can help them catch two violent bank robbers.

"We've just been robbed," one of the bank employees is heard telling a dispatcher in a call to 911.

Around 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, two men stormed into the US Bank on Wilson Mills Road in Highland Heights.

"Both individuals were armed when they entered and pointed guns at the individuals in the bank. The only verbal command they gave was for these individuals to put their arms up," said FBI special agent Vickie Anderson.

Surveillance photos released by the FBI show the men pointing their weapons at customers and employees.

"For those customers and employees inside, I can't imagine what they were feeling," Anderson said.

The pictures also show at least one of the men going into the bank's vault.

"How much money did they get?” asked the dispatcher.

"I don't know, they made me go into the vault, which was very unusual," responded the employee.

"A lot of times, a successful bank robbery only involves a note, but when these guys come in with guns, that's very scary," Anderson said.

Investigators said both men were able to get out of the bank.

Employees said they saw them go to a vacant house across the street.

"Did they go into the house?” asked the dispatcher.

They went into that house, they had some kind of walkie-talkies too," responded the employee.

The FBI hopes that by releasing these photos, someone can help identify the two men and bring them to justice.

"One individual is pretty clear, his face is fully exposed, the other individual has his face covered mostly with his jacket. He's folded up, but we're trying to enhance these photos," said Anderson.

The FBI and US Bank are offering a reward to anyone with information that can lead to the arrest of the suspects.

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