Tree Crushes Bay Village Home

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BAY VILLAGE, OH -- There was no calm after the storm at Richard Maggio’s home on Lake Road in Bay Village.

"It sounded like an explosion or something crashing," Maggio said.

Part of an 80' tree, made up of four large tree trunks fused together at the base, came crashing down onto his neighbor’s home about 3 a.m. Wednesday.

"One came this way, one went towards the street, one went past her house in that direction and the other one is leaning on her house now," Maggio said.

Part of the neighbor’s tree landed in Maggio's yard, scraping his roof and blocking his car in the garage.

"We looked out and saw this mess," Maggio said.

Maggio said it appears the underground roots were moldy and just snapped.

The homeowner said she had the tree inspected last year and it was fine.

"Just the tips of the branches came down and caught the roof, so all of the heavy stuff landed in the driveway," Maggio said.

He is just glad no one was hurt.

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